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Nakita & FC Red Bull Salzburg: Top support for a top team

Dedicated training is essential for top performance in the Austrian Soccer Championship and at international matches. In pursuit of the next championship title, Austrian bike manufacturer Nakita is providing the team with the perfect training tools: a special edition model of the Spider 5.5 Big 29 and Spider 7.5 Big 29 in team colors of the FC Red Bull Salzburg.

Nakita Spencer + Hill DH Expert

Nakita goes big and jumps into the world of gravity bikes with a giant leap. Beauty + Beast as well as Spencer + Hill are the perfect tools to charge hardcore enduro tracks, tackle freeride adventures and conquer the most challenging downhills on the planet. The new lineup mirrors the modern way of biking: downhill oriented, fun loving and ready to tackle just about anything the trail throws at you. Spencer + Hill is all about getting down the hill as fast as possible. Two variations are available – one as a freeride bike with 180 mm of travel and one as a downhill bike with 200 mm of rock-gobbling travel. ...more